The idea of creating a TraviGo app was born back in 2018, yet it stayed just as an idea till the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Whenever I was traveling I always had to have several applications in order to properly plan my next adventure, look for a nearby store or go for a hike, you name it. And even then I was not sure about all my options and was always looking for some unique and not so mainstream experiences. The result of this need turned in to TraviGo app which will provide any traveler with all the necessary information about surrounding infrastructure. 

TraviGo app is designed to be your virtual travel guide - giving you the best suggestions, revealing some amazing experiences and places to visit. There is nothing better to hear than a happy user saying that because of our App, he found some unique experience. 
It is more than just creating an app that helps the traveling - it is about community, about local businesses about amazing experiences, and lifelong memories.

Traveling has always been a passion, a dream, a purpose of mine. I always like to say that there is no greater way how to learn new things about yourself than simply traveling.